BRB the Soonest!

I know. And I’m sorry.

I haven’t written or posted anything for so long that I started to wonder maybe my blog has been rotting for a month and a half already, you know with bugs and rats and such. If you’d go back to my most recent post (second to this one) it’s dated June 10 and yikes! That’s…un-wonderful.

so long.gif

I have missed bookstagraming most of all but well, being an 11th grader has its cons too. There are a lot of things to do and I haven’t even read a single book since last month, or two? GAH! It’s been so long and I just want to have a day off. Well, I do have some days off from doing a lot of tasks but if I start reading right then and there, there would only be two known results:

a) I stop reading the book halfway because I have a lot of tasks to finish (and still more to come); or

b) I go and finish the book, read the sequel, and start on another book series (and I might as well”accidentally” burn paper works from lit candles while reading, although I don’t really have one)

So yes, being a bookworm and a busy student is a real struggle. It’s actually frustrating me that I haven’t read a book in ages. I feel like I just lost my superpowers and my ability to travel through time and realms. I must reclaim my magic. Soon.


Hopefully, I’ll be back earlier than expected.

Because I have a lot of things to tell to all of you.


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