Review Policy

Dear authors and publishers,

First of all, yay! I know a lot of effort was spent in writing this and the road to publishing was a lot of thrill to take as well, making me feel very much honored if I were to be given a copy of it.

I do accept ARCsebooks (of no specific type), and physical copies in exchange for honest reviews, although I am more into reading physical copies since they come handier than the rest. Once I receive the copy of the book, a review is to be posted usually after three weeks or four as I take this thing very seriously despite my busy schedule.

PREFERRED GENRES (but not limited to):

– Contemporary

– Dystopian

– Fantasy

– Historical Fiction


– Biographies

– Erotica

– Nonfiction


One is honesty. I don’t really like sugarcoating my book reviews. Usually, I am very much straightforward (and blunt) when it comes to giving my opinions.

Another is the entirety of the review. Although I keep the reviews as spoiler-free as possible, I do my best to write down everything that’s worth sharing about the book (in a way harmless to future readers). Things like: How did the title compliment the book? Was the blurb even catchy or was it more of a spoiler? Did the other characters steal the spotlight from the protagonist? Were the side characters given justice by giving him/her just enough exposure? Was the setting even fit for the story? You know, those sort of things.

Lastly, I look into the opposing sides of the story. I state the good thing and I state the flaws of the book (unless the book is polished to perfection, then there’s nothing I can do).

So that’s pretty much it. You can check a few of my reviews to get an idea of how I do them, although I can guarantee you that reviews of books or ARCs sent to me will be given much more attention since it will be the most I can do in exchange for the copy.

If you wish to send me one, please do send me an email at or kindly fill up this form instead:


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